Email marketing is the method of sending mass promotional emails with the goal of generating leads and sales. It may seem like an antiquated approach with all the new marketing methods available, but there are still 4 billion email users worldwide that are checking their emails.

What’s even more interesting is that effective email marketing has an ROI of $38 to $1 spent; the biggest issue people face is how to effectively market through email as consumers are savvier of your end goal and are wary of the many email scams.

email marketing is
What email marketing is? Photo: Aeko/AdobeStock

If you’re curious about what email marketing is and is it effective, or how to get started, then follow along as I take you through the process.

How Does Email Marketing Work?

Email marketing is one of the best marketing methods that provide access to a massive range of people and converts exceptionally well. An effective email marketing campaign consists of three basic elements.

1. Your List of Email Contacts

To initiate email marketing communication, you need to build a list of contacts with as much information about each as possible, and these contacts should have expressed interest in your brand or product.

Mass emailing random lists of people with no information on who they are or what they may be interested in buying will not provide an effective return on investment.

To build your email contacts, you can use websites, social media, or even in-person contact, and you often need to provide something of value such as a coupon or free product, or the contact simply needs to want more information on your brand.

email marketing is
What email marketing is? Photo: Aeko/AdobeStock

You should be capturing as much information on the contact as possible; name, location, email, products interested, even gender and age can be helpful. The more specific and personalized you can be in your communication means, the better chance of a lead or sale.

2. An Email Marketing Platform

An email marketing platform is a system that allows you to store contacts, build contact lists based on shared information, email your contacts with personalized communication, and build workflows or triggers based on events or specific things happening.

So let’s say you build a website that sells jackets; you can advertise that website through social media, search engines, and any other method you want. Your website should provide information and options to buy, but it should also offer the ability to get something for free in exchange for contact details or sign up for email communication.

email marketing is
Email marketing is a tool to help you grow your business photo: Stephen Phillips/Unsplash

Once a visitor provides their contact details, the information is stored in your contact list and initiates a trigger to start the marketing communication to that contact. This should also put your contact into a workflow that keeps communication open and send regular updates or options for buying the product that the user showed interest in.

Often a single standard email is not enough to convince people to make a purchase, so you need an automated workflow that keeps communicating with them using different approaches and may even provide discounts or other options the longer they wait.

If you’re curious about Email Marketing Platforms, you can check out Mailchimp or AWS, which are two popular and effective systems.

3. Define Your Goals With Email Marketing

To maximize the benefits of email marketing is to know what is your objective in using this tool. Without a goal in your email communication, you can’t effectively ask your contact to do what you want and can’t gauge if your email marketing is effective.

Your goals could include:

  • Create sales
  • Boost your brand awareness
  • Generate leads
  • Keep existing customers engaged and coming back

There are many other reasons for initiating email marketing with your contact lists. Your email marketing platform will allow you to segment contacts into different areas and provide personalized communication based on your goal with that contact.

So you may have multiple goals depending on whether the contact is new, an existing customer, or what you even offer as a company.

email marketing is
Email marketing is still effective in 2022 Photo: Aeko/AdobeStock

How Do You Kick Off An Email Marketing Campaign?

Your contacts may come in through various channels, their demographics may be wildly different, and the products or services they’re interested in may be quite different.

Your first step is to build contact list segmentation so that you can filter email contacts into different lists based on what they may want, what you want from them, and specific information you’ve captured on them that will allow you to provide a more personalized email.

Using your email marketing platform, you can create a campaign which is a series of emails to send to specific contact lists based on your goal for that list. You should be creating different emails that change your approach and even offers more benefits the longer they wait to buy or engage with your brand.

Once you’ve initiated your email marketing campaign to your email contact lists, then you can sit back and watch the results through advanced analytics that show whether contacts are opening emails, clicking links, and even purchasing products based on your email communication.

email marketing is
Email marketing is still effective in 2022 Photo: Megan_Rexazin/Pixabay

You can tailor your email communication or modify lists based on the effectiveness of each campaign and can even track the ROI of a contact.

So assuming it cost you $1 through paid advertising to get that contact, and they end up spending $100, then for that specific contact, the ROI was good. But you should be reviewing how much it cost to get the entire contact list and how much you’ve made or are making from that list to see whether the full ROI is good and your marketing is effective.

Email Marketing Is Still Effective?

  • To summarize if email marketing is still worth using or not, you should know that effective email marketing campaigns are one of the most effective marketing tools you have, but it requires time and resources to build your campaigns initially, and you should be watching the analytics of your email marketing to ensure that things are still working effectively for you.
  • To be effective, you need your email marketing to contact appropriate people interested in your product or service, provide value in what you’re offering, and keep communication up with varying methods to entice your email contact to make a purchase or engage with your brand.

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