How to start affiliate marketing? To make money with affiliate marketing, you only need a website. You don’t need to create a product or offer a service to consumers. Instead, you’re connecting consumers with other companies that sell these products and services, and you get a commission.

Estimates put the affiliate marketing industry at $8.2 Billion as of 2022, so there is plenty of money to be had if you can understand and implement the basic process of affiliate marketing.

If you’re curious to learn more about affiliate marketing and how you can make money, then keep reading for all the information you will need to get started. Get leads. Get sales. Get growing.

What’s Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is where you promote somebody else’s product or service, and you receive a commission for a specific action, such as sending a visitor to the website, a visitor signing up for a trial, or a visitor buying a product.

Each product will determine your commission, but generally, you get small commissions for just sending traffic, medium commissions for getting trial signups, and the biggest commissions when one of your visitors buys the product.

So your goal should be high-quality traffic that is interested in the product that you’re promoting. Sending a huge number of random visitors all to buy a smoothie diet may not be ideal because you don’t know what these visitors want or who they are.

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Should You Do Affiliate Marketing?

If you’ve got the time and some dedication, you can make money from affiliate marketing, and there are very minimal risks in getting involved, as long as you don’t start spending money on Adwords-type advertising.

  • It’s low cost and low risk; you only need a website to get started, which could be as long as $2.99 per month, which is nothing compared to what you can make. Outside of that, you don’t need anything else; all the information is free online, you don’t require specialized tools or training.
  • Easily scale your business up; once you get set up, you can either replicate the process for another product to sell or even incorporate multiple products into your current methods to see if conversions go higher with more options.

How Do You Start Affiliate Marketing?

Below is a simple overview of how to get started in affiliate marketing; it may sound easy, and it absolutely is easy to get started. However, remember that many people are out there trying to get started as well, so it requires some dedication and effort to make money.

1. Pick A Platform

A platform is just how you’re going to bring in traffic, so it could be Instagram, a Blog, Youtube, TikTok, paid advertising (don’t do this one first), or anything else that lets you put up content that draws users from that platform to your website.

Pick a platform you’re familiar with using and believe you can make content for. One of the easiest options would be creating a blog and writing articles for it.

2. Decide On A Niche

You can advertise as many products as you want, but your initial entry should be within a single niche so that you can focus your content and traffic to be for a specific niche of products. If you go too wide, then it’s challenging to pick the right products to advertise so that your users convert to buyers.

affiliate marketing programs
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3. Find Affiliate Marketplaces

You need products to advertise on your website so that you can send your visitors interesting or attractive offers so they make purchases and you can make commissions.

You can go directly to websites and join programs, or you can find marketplaces that find you find the best converting products in your niche.

Some of the most common affiliate marketing programs to find products are:

4. Create Content

You need to build appropriate content for the platform(s) you’ve chosen, which could involve writing articles, creating videos, or creating interesting photos to share. Whatever it is, it needs to be engaging and make people want to click your profile or the link you’ve included.

You’ve got two options for creating content,

  1. Create all of the content yourself; this involves quite a bit of effort, especially until you can figure out how to streamline the process. However, you can control the quality and amount of content that gets released. Plus, you’re a free worker, so there are no added costs.
  1. You can outsource your content creation to sites like Fiverr or UpWork, where somebody else will create content for you to match your needs. The benefit here is that you don’t need to be creating the content yourself, but you do need to be spending money for each piece of content which can get expensive.

5. Build Traffic Sources and Make Sales

Once you’ve got your traffic coming into your site, you’ll need to build it up through constant content, or for blogs, you can work towards search engine optimization to increase your rankings.

You can include links in your articles to entice people to find out more about products, or you can capture email and contact information for visitors by offering them a free article about something they want, such as the ten best diabetic recipes.

If you do capture contact information, you can keep the sales cycle alive by implementing email marketing methods so that you follow up continuously with these people to get them to buy.

Direct links will give you an immediate answer of buy or no buy; while email marketing could take months to convert somebody into a sale, effective email marketing has exceptionally high conversions.

affiliate marketing programs
How to make money with affiliate marketing

How Do You Start Affiliate Marketing?

Just get started, don’t join a course, don’t buy programs, create a blog, create social media accounts, and create content to bring visitors to the products you’re selling.

Read as much as you can online about the methods and strategies other people use and try implementing them.

If you’re finding your work isn’t converting, then that’s the time you can start looking for good courses on how to implement a better affiliate marketing strategy; just be wary of who you’re giving your money to and what you’re getting in return.

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These are some of my favorite blogging tools

Thank you for reading this article. Anyway, for those who are looking to build a blog and wonder which tools you can use to build a blog or a website, I highly recommend these tools below.

Web Hosting: if you just start blogging I recommend you to get a Bluehost since they are easy to set up and quite cheap. The price started at US$2.95* but if you plan to scale up your website in the future, I prefer Cloudways more because Couldways works better once you get high traffic to your website. you can switch plans easily as well and they also offer a free trial with no credit card required

Domain Name: Most of my websites bought domain names from Namecheap, I did some research before I bought them and most domain names from Namecheap are cheaper than other websites.

WordPress Speed Plugin: I currently using this plugin and I’m really happy with the result. WP Rocket speeds up my website to rank a good score. Highly recommend!

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Email Marketing Service: Currently I’m using GetRespond which is easy to use and you can sign up for a 30-day free trial. The cheapest plan stat at only US$19. No credit card require so if you don’t want to use the service after the free trial period ends, you are good to go.

Graphic Design: If you don’t have graphic design skills I recommend using Canva Pro. They have so many templates which are easy to use and it only costs you US$9.95 a month.

Stock Photography: I recommend using 123RF or Depositphotos. Both sites offer good-quality photos. For Depositphotos, their plan starts at US$9.99 per month for a 1-year subscription.