We all know that an emergency fund is very important, just in case you don’t have it yet you should consider trying to save them up. In case you don’t know what an emergency fund is, check out my article 6 Reasons Why You Should Have An Emergency Fund

But what if you are broke now? Is it possible to still build an emergency fund while you are broke? The answer is YES! And we list 8 easy ways for you to follow. Let’s get started.

1. Set the budget and track your expense

The best way to limit your expense is to track them. Sometimes we spend our money on something that is not necessary, tracking whenever you spend money can help you be aware of how much you use money so far and not go beyond your budget. This is a good way to keep your money on track and save some bucks on your emergency fund. You can also check out my article about 5 Best Apps For Budgeting For Control Your Spending

Emergency fund saving
Emergency fund saving photo by: Karolina/Pexels

2. Cancel unnecessaries subscription

Trust me, we all have been there. You subscribed to many apps and forget to cancel them even though you barely use them. So this is a good time to cancel those subscriptions! even though there isn’t a lot of money, you can save them in your emergency fund instead.

3. Sell your second-hand stuff

If you are tight with money then you can consider selling some stuff you no longer use. There are some platforms for selling second-hand stuff such as Amazon, Etsy, or Facebook marketplace. It might not be a lot of money but at least you can get rid of items you no longer want and still earn some bucks, doesn’t it sound cool?

Emergency fund saving
Photo by Live on Shot from Pexels

4. Limit dining out and cook your own meal

Eating out can cause a lot of money so if you can start cooking by yourselves you can save a lot of bucks. Or you can choose to cook once with a big pot and save them up for several meals. If you don’t know how to cook it’s a good time to learn about it, and Youtube will have plenty of recipes for you to try.

5. Spend wisely

Another way to save more money for your emergency fund is to spend your money wisely. Lets me explain, maybe you always buy household items from specific brands. You can save more money by picking other brands that are cheaper or buying as a big pack to get a cheaper price. Just by this way you can easily save money without much effort.

6. Earn extra money from a side job

If you have some skill that can earn money for you, do it! It can be making homemade cookies, reading Tarot cards, selling handmade accessories, whatever! If you have another source of income it will help you achieve your goal to save up for an emergency fund faster.

Emergency fund saving
Emergency fund saving photo by: Karolina/Pexels

7. Going out less

If you are an extrovert you might feel that it’s hard to follow this one, but you will save a lot if you go out less. Whether it is hanging out at a bar with friends or dinner with your colleagues. We all know that we mostly spend a lot of money when we go out. So if you can go out less it means you can save more.

8. Adopt a frugal living lifestyle

A frugal living lifestyle is a good way to save some bucks when you are tight with money. You don’t need to cut off everything that makes you enjoy it completely. But you can start finding some offers or discount prices for those things you want to spend. For example, I like to go to a spa once in a while but I always get those discount prices instead of paying full price.


So we have 8 ways you can follow to save some money for your emergency fund when you are broke. It’s very important to have an emergency fund before you start investing money in something else like funds, or stocks. But if you have some debt I recommend you pay off your debt first before saving for an emergency fund. Thanks for reading!

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