Many people have ambitions to have an online business or be their own boss. Nowadays, there are many new entrepreneurs who are successful in online business without needing much financial cost.

If others can then you can do that too. Today we have compiled a list of ideas for an online business that is easy to do, depending on your aptitude and your passion. So if you are looking for some ideas for an online business, keep on reading.

8 ideas for an online business in 2022

These ideas are something you can actually earn money online, take a look below to see which one you can do. It’s never too late to start making money from the online business!

1. Sell Photos online

If you are someone who has a passion for taking photos, then good news for you. Instead of just taking photos as a hobby, why not make money from them? There are so many stock photo websites that you can apply as a contributor and sell your photos online. Once your photos got purchased then you will get some commission in a return.

Shutterstock and Adobe Stock is a good start if you want to sell your photos online, you can still sell your photos on iStock, 123RF, Dreamstime, Depositphotos, and EyeEm! Pick good quality photos that are easier to use will make a lot of money for you in a long term.

ideas for an online business
ideas for an online business photo by: Aeko

2. Graphic designer

If you have some skill in illustrator or photoshop, then you can consider graphic design as another option for earning money online. You can open your online website or open a fan page, Instagram account to promote your artwork.

You can also use a platform like Fiverr to get some clients as well, or you can sell your work on microstock websites such as Shutterstock, Adobe Stock, iStock and etc. If you have a lot of high-quality graphic design then you can commission from these websites as a passive income.

3. Making money from youtube

Youtube can be another way to make money online if you aren’t too shy in front of the camera! People use Youtube to find some reviews and answers of what they want to know. The first step to start is by picking your nitch or any subject you are interested in because when you create content you enjoyed, it will help you to keep uploading them consistently.

For example, if you love traveling you can create content about your trip or review the hotel you stay in. Check out more detail in this article Making Money From YouTube: 6 Ways To Be Success

ideas for an online business photo by: 200degrees/Pixabay

4. Freelance writer

For those who have excellent writing skills, then you can make money by being a freelance writer. There are platforms like Fiverr or iWriter that you can make money from creating unique content for your clients.

Also, you can also write SEO-friendly articles for your clients if you have knowledge about SEO since so many people who run their own blogs online want to have their website get high ranks on google but they might not be good at writing. The key is to make the article unique and easy to read then you may get regular customers.

5. Start a blog

Blogging is still effective in making money, so if you are shy to be on camera then this is a perfect way to earn more bucks. You can earn money from AdSense or Affiliate marketing programs from your blog. It will need some hard work in a few first months but if you keep uploading quality content then you will earn more in a long term.

To start a blog it might be better to pick something you are passionate about. You can choose Blogger or WordPress to build your blog, and get a good web hosting site then find a domain name that relates to your blog. There are so many people that earn more than US$5000 per month by just monetizing a blog.

For an affiliate marketing platform I recommend you use ShareASale which you can easily apply to a lot of programs from a variety of brands, you should choose brands that relate to your content which makes it easier to earn a commission.

6. Sell your online course

If you have some knowledge or special skill set that can share with other people, then this is another great way to make money online. For example, you might have some knowledge about how to use Adobe Lightroom, or about digital marketing. You can turn this knowledge into money by selling your online courses.

You can sell your courses on your website if you have your own website. Or you can use an education platform like Udemy to sell your courses as well.

ideas for an online business
Ideas for an online business in 2022 photo by: Aeko/Adobe Stock

7. Being an influencer

Being an influencer is one of the ideas for an online business, you can make money by a paid partnership with some brands or even sell your own product if you have some followers.

The first thing you should do is target your nitch, after that you should decide what social platforms you will use to let people follow you. For example, if you love fashion you might create an Instagram account to share your fashion style or write content about fashion on your website. If people love your style they will start following you on social media. And you should give some value to your followers so they will keep following you in the long run.

8. Write your own e-book

Another good option for those who like to share their stories and experience by writing. You can write your own e-books and sell them on Amazon, or even on your website. If you have a creative mind and a lot of imagination you can try writing novels and selling them online.

When I was young, I wrote some novels and sold them also, there is always room for new face writers. So if you have some passion about try to turn it into money!

Ideas for an online business
Ideas for an online business in 2022 photo by: lilartsy/Pexels


  • So here are 8 ideas for an online business you can try, making money online is a real thing. You just need to be willing and patient enough. Then you will have a good chance to be successful. If you are looking for a way to start doing business online, try selecting one from the list above, and the most important thing is to start it now!

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Stock Photography: I recommend using 123RF or Depositphotos. Both sites offer good-quality photos. For Depositphotos, their plan starts at US$9.99 per month for a 1-year subscription.