In the world of content, It is undeniable that the illustrations on your website will help you to get attention from your audiences. Not only just that but also makes your audience spend more time on your website.

If the contents are the taste of the food. Those beautiful images and illustrations are like setting a plate to look appetizing. Of course, there are many sites where you can download royalty-free images for free. But specific pictures can be hard to find. Therefore, investing in buying copyright-free images to use is another interesting option.

Today, I’m going to introduce to you the 5 best stockphoto site to buy royalty-free images and compare their prices to help you make an easier decision on where you should buy them.


Shutterstock was founded in 2003 and now is the most famous stock photo website that offers varieties of images, illustrators, including footage for your website, with over 370M+ images, videos, and music tracks you can find some amazing images to make your article looks much more interesting!

The minimum price for a subscription starts at US$29 per month with 10 download images (From a 1-year subscription plan) You can choose other plans that are suitable for your need. You can also try 10 images/month plan for free as well.

With that being said, Shutterstock is the best stockphoto site if you only want to start with a little budget.

best stockphoto site
Shutterstock plan for images

Adobe Stock

Adobe Stock is a stock photo site owned by Adobe, in the past, it was a photo stock site named Fotolia. After Adobe bought it in 20xx then the company changed its name to AdobeStock. If you are familiar with Adobe programs then Adobe Stock will make it easier for you to use since they have tools in the program that can link to Adobe Stock as well.

Not just photos, but Adobe Stock also offers high-quality illustrations and footage which you can choose the one that suits your article!

The most popular plan is a 1-year subscription plan, the price is US$29.99 per month for 10 assets (photos, vectors, illustrations, and music tracks), and also get a 1-month free trial with this plan. If you don’t satisfy with their service you can cancel before your free trial ends without losing any penny.

If you need to use not only images but vectors and music tracks as well, Adobe Stock might be the best stockphoto site for you since you can use varieties of assets in the same plan.


Another stock photo website where offer over 233 million high-quality assets. This site offers a Subscription program with free 7 days trial and On Demand program. This site offers a really good price for you. The minimum plan starts at only US$9.99 per month with 10 images (The subscription plan is for 1 year)

Compare to other sites you can save almost US$20 with Depositphotos. So if you want to save some bucks this is the best stockphoto site for you!

best stockphoto site
What is the best stockphoto site? photo by: Tirachard/Pexels


Istock is also another well-known stock photo site based in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Founded in 2000 before being rebranded as Istock by Getty Images in 2013 and also provides other assets than photos, such as illustrations, vectors, and videos.

The basic subscription plan starts at US$29 per month with 10 images. You can also sign up to get 10 free downloads with your first monthly subscription by using code 10Free

Getty Images

Getty Image is one of the sites that are popular and provide high-quality images, also have so much exclusive content. Which only sells at Getty Image. But the price might be higher than other websites.

Getty Images also has some premium partnerships across the world such as BBC studio, NHK, SONY PICTURE and etc. Getty Images offers exclusive commercial rights content that you might not be able to find from other websites.

For more details about the plans click here.


This photo stock site is owned by a Japanese company, most of the contents are Asian related. If your website is targeting Japanese people then this website might be a good option to take a look at.

The minimum price from Pixtastock starts at US$15 per month with 3 images. So Pixta is the best option if you only want 1-3 images only.

best stockphoto site
Pixta is the best stockphoto site if you only need less than 3 images


  • To figure out what is the best stockphoto site for you depend on the type of assets and also the quantity you want
  • If you want to use other assets not just only photos (but also want to use illustration, vectors, music tracks then Adobe Stock might be the first option for you to consider using.
  • If you only need a few images (not over 3 images) Pixtastock is a good option for you due to the price.

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These are some of my favorite blogging tools

Thank you for reading this article. Anyway, for those who are looking to build a blog and wonder which tools you can use to build a blog or a website, I highly recommend these tools below.

Web Hosting: if you just start blogging I recommend you to get a Bluehost since they are easy to set up and quite cheap. The price started at US$2.95* but if you plan to scale up your website in the future, I prefer Cloudways more because Couldways works better once you get high traffic to your website. you can switch plans easily as well and they also offer a free trial with no credit card required

Domain Name: Most of my websites bought domain names from Namecheap, I did some research before I bought them and most domain names from Namecheap are cheaper than other websites.

WordPress Speed Plugin: I currently using this plugin and I’m really happy with the result. WP Rocket speeds up my website to rank a good score. Highly recommend!

WordPress Theme & plugin: For some of you who prefer to use a theme for your website, personally I like ThemeForest (my website uses a theme from here) but in case you are looking for other options such as themes, landing pages, funnels, including creating your own online courses please check out ThriveThemes

Email Marketing Service: Currently I’m using GetRespond which is easy to use and you can sign up for a 30-day free trial. The cheapest plan stat at only US$19. No credit card require so if you don’t want to use the service after the free trial period ends, you are good to go.

Graphic Design: If you don’t have graphic design skills I recommend using Canva Pro. They have so many templates which are easy to use and it only costs you US$9.95 a month.

Stock Photography: I recommend using 123RF or Depositphotos. Both sites offer good-quality photos. For Depositphotos, their plan starts at US$9.99 per month for a 1-year subscription.